We are

A not-for-profit Design Lab developing strategy and practice to enable low energy, local livelihoods rooted in nature and community.

Our Vision

To support the emergence of new material culture born from care of all living (and future) beings.

Our Aims

  • Developing new systems, governance & enterprise for agroecological fibre, textiles, clothing, and related materials.
  • Provisioning a place-sourced, bioregional future through natural systems and small supply chains.

What we do

  • We make things happen. We pilot and develop projects towards the creation of local, fibre, fashion & textile related livelihoods.
  • We research, practice and teach. We develop and share knowledge that can be adapted by communities in different places and contexts. 
  • We are connectors. We facilitate networks, map activity & methods and share stories of progress.
  • We are knowledge holders. We consult for people wishing to create enterprise and livelihoods compatible with defined ecological and social parameters.

Our people

We’re a collective bound by mutual desire to create new systems and ecological ways of being for society.

Zoe Gilbertson

Zoe is a designer and educator working systemically at the intersections of fibre, fashion & farming. She’s held leadership roles in design and education and has extensive project management experience across enterprise and innovation. Her nature-centred, collaborative practice explores the economics, governance and process required to make local, distributive, non-extractive clothing commons.

Kat Davis

Kat is a consultant, researcher and facilitator on projects focused on systems change and prototyping in response to complex social and environmental challenges. She has held leadership roles across the impact space and is skilled at visualising information. Kat is co-founder of Flip Finance, Fellow of On Purpose, and originally trained and worked as an architect and urban designer.

Hattie Emerson

Hattie links a deep connection to the natural world with materials in the built environment.  With 20 years’ experience working in construction and building operations, she has a whole life cycle perspective of circularity.  Hattie drives innovative change at organisational and project level by challenging norms and identifying creative, practical solutions.

Kate Rudd

Kate is a multilingual, mixed-method researcher with expertise in depth interviewing and focus group facilitation, working at the nexus of inner development and transformational change. Her mission is to secure a brighter future for people and the planet, by supporting organisations and innovators working to transform food systems, promote climate justice and defend human rights.

Our name

Liflad means ‘course of life’ in Old English. Through time this evolved into livelode, the ‘means of keeping alive’ which in turn became livelihood. There is an urgency to find new ways of living compatible with all living beings. Our mission is make this happen.

Partners & Supporters

The Culture of Solidarity Fund supports our project developing bioregional knowledge transfer around natural fibres.

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