Giving up on Fashion

flax field at sunset

In this article our Director, Zoe, talks about her tumultuous relationship with fashion and how she’s come to the view that a transformative, earth-centric mindset is what we must nourish rather than attempt to fix a broken industry. We all wear clothing and the plurality of our backgrounds and cultures will mean that all our reactions around the globe will be different. Our agency is to stop buying new, to disengage from what is considered ‘fashionable’ and to develop fibres and textiles locally from the land. We love clothing and the personal expression it brings but fashion is a mirror on society and we must recognise what it is reflecting. We cannot wait for governments or corporations to change the situation. Liflad invites everyone to examine their wardrobes and perspectives, to develop unique ways forward and tentatively build a new clothing culture. This may seem difficult or even impossible but what is fashionable starts in the mind, something that is within all our power. Read the full article at Zoe’s Substack.

By Zoe Gilbertson

Zoe is CEO and co-founder of Liflad.