‘Learning to be We’ Report

Grey image with blue type saying Learning to be We. Fibreshed Report.

The aim of the Fibreshed movement is to develop regional fibre systems that build ecosystem and community health. Commissioned by Fibreshed South West England, this report was written to encourage and support collective practice and contains a wide range of info, ideas and a useful toolkit of links.

Textile & fibre production is all about process. As any grower or textile maker understands, textile creation is a long and difficult progression with multiple steps from seed to fibre and finally cloth. How we organise enterprise to support that process is crucial. By weaving together new economic systems we can transform the production of material culture to help mitigate climate change, improve health, and contribute to racial and economic equity.

Pioneer species create the conditions for others to come through. The Fibreshed movement is creating the conditions for others to flourish and as can be seen throughout the report, this is difficult work. Organising collectively can help share the weight of this burden.

Any feedback is very welcome, like everything captured at a point in time, it is a work in progress. Please share.

Report found here: https://www.southwestenglandfibreshed.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Learning-to-be-We-Report-SWEF-2023-updated.pdf

By Zoe Gilbertson

Zoe is CEO and co-founder of Liflad.