Bioregional fibre systems

Bioregional fibres

Developing cloth from local soil with local toil. At Liflad we are helping to develop new systems, governance & enterprise for agroecological fibre, textiles, clothing, and related materials. We also support the provisioning of a place-sourced, bioregional future through natural systems and small supply chains. To progress this challenging yet exciting vision, I recently travelled… Continue reading Bioregional fibre systems

Dreaming of a Small Fashion Farm

On a month-long European journey supported by a Churchill Fellowship, Director Zoe Gilbertson researched small scale, bioregional textile processing and the collaborative governance and finance needed to support such initiatives. Zoe met a wide range of people from farmers, to designers, academics, entrepreneurs and co-operatives, all who share a similar vision of the future that… Continue reading Dreaming of a Small Fashion Farm

Giving up on Fashion

In this article our Director, Zoe, talks about her tumultuous relationship with fashion and how she’s come to the view that a transformative, earth-centric mindset is what we must nourish rather than attempt to fix a broken industry. We all wear clothing and the plurality of our backgrounds and cultures will mean that all our… Continue reading Giving up on Fashion

Why did we begin Liflad?

Zoe Gilbertson

Liflad CIC is a brand new not-for-profit company. Woohoo! It’s so exciting to type those words. To share our excitement, I’d like to explain why the Directors, Hattie Emerson, Kat Davis and I have founded this company, why we believe it’s important, what underpins our aims and what we hope to achieve. I’ve been involved… Continue reading Why did we begin Liflad?

‘Learning to be We’ Report

The aim of the Fibreshed movement is to develop regional fibre systems that build ecosystem and community health. Commissioned by Fibreshed South West England, this report was written to encourage and support collective practice and contains a wide range of info, ideas and a useful toolkit of links. Textile & fibre production is all about… Continue reading ‘Learning to be We’ Report